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What is WordPress for beginners? (2021)

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You may be encountering the term WordPress and wondering whether it is a writing tool or anything else because of its name. Yes, you are right. It is a content managing tool that provides you assistance with your website management.

This article is designed for beginners, and all the facts are described in the best possible way to develop understanding in you about word press.

What is WordPress?

Again, word press is an open-source content management tool, which means anyone can enjoy its tools for free. You do not have to attain a paid membership to start with this application.

Due to the straightforwardness of this tool, almost 40% of the websites are part of it, and several more are turning towards it. You do not need to be a programming expert to start with the word press. All the guidance and tools in it are in plain English that everyone can understand.

You can also make your website on the word press to start a business in just 30 minutes because this tool is far more easy and simple.

Which types of websites can word press make?

Traditionally, people only use the word press to design blog posts, but today due to advancement in the core code, you can design any website with the word press. The list is as follows.

  • E-commerce site
  • Blogging site
  • Portfolios
  • Resumes
  • Forums
  • And other remaining things

Word press has a far-reaching scope; now, it is used to manage the content and manage the website. You can directly install the software on your server for better protection and management of your website.

What makes WordPress the best choice?

Several effective reasons make the word press a better choice for you, which are as follows.

Open-source software:

You can relish the word press for free. Those who can’t afford the huge bills of monthly software to run their virtual business can install the word press and save the massive charges of the website’s managing software.

Easy to use:

This software is extremely accessible to everyone. You do not need to hire experts to manage your website with the assistance of word press. You can learn the word press in few minutes and can manage your website on your own.


The word is completely customizable. You can design your website in the way you want. You can use the word press templates or download the templates from the browser to make your website’s design attractive.

Accessible support:

Word press facilitates its users with 24/7 support services. If you ever get trapped in trouble while managing your website, you can ask for support on WordPress. Several experts are all the time available to answer your queries. You can ask your confusions on the word press forums where you can directly interact with the word press experts.

Complete control on your content:

Word press provides you complete control over your content. You can import your data from any other website to the word press or export the data from word press on any other site. You have the complete right to your data.

What is the difference between word and word

Both of the word press software assists you in managing your website. The significant difference between them is as follows:

Word it is open-source software to manage your website by designing it in your way. If you are registered with word, then you have to purchase the web host, serve, and domain name to start with this software.

Word it is the paid tool part of word This software hosts your website, manages your content for you, and provides you the valuable suggestions, but you will lose your self-flexibility. To start with this software, you only have to purchase the domain name.

Word is the best option to install on your server to manage your website, as you can also customize your website because it is flexible.

The pricing of and

Although word is open-source, you have some expenses if you are registered with word

You have to purchase the web host and domain name. You have to buy almost 2.5 to 5 dollars for the web host and 10 dollars per year for the domain name. It almost takes 50 dollars of yearly expense.

With the word, you have to purchase the domain name, but you do not need to buy the web host. It costs monthly 4 to 10 dollars based on the package you choose. But it devoid of flexibility, and you cannot customize your website with this platform.


Is WordPress for the beginner?

Word press is a phenomenal choice for beginners because it is easy to understand and use. It does not demand you to be an expert in designing your website. You can learn the tools without any extra effort.

Is WordPress for free?

Word press is entirely free. You can install and edit this software according to your need. It is licensed under the GNU general public license, which makes it free to use and allows the users to make amendments to it.


Concluding my words, WordPress is a content management tool, assists you to manage your website, design it in the best possible way, and the most exciting fact about this tool is that it is free to use. You do not have to pay anything to use its features.

You can use it, edit it and even sell this tool after you installed it. This tool is easy to understand and use. You do not need someone to operate this.

You can also check this post. If you have further queries, comment below. We are here to answer your queries 24/7.