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What is Web Hosting

What is web hosting?

I know you want to own a website, but the complex terms (seem complex, but not actually) like web hosting or domains and many more are perplexing you. Believe me, these terms are quite simple, or I will make these terms simple for you in this article, and you will get everything you need to know about web hosting.

In all honesty, I am suggesting you; do not start your website without going through the article if you want to get a grip over these terms.

Web hosting:

The significant requirements to start a website are the web host and the domain. Don’t you know about the web host? Don’t worry! I am here to guide you. Web hosts provide you the server on which your website operates. The server is a free space where you can place your website for the virtual market.

To keep it simple; it is like a librarian who allocates the block under your name in the library. You can consume the free space of that block by organizing your books for the readers in the library. The librarian is the host, the block (free space) is the server, your name is the domain, and the books are your website.

And the entire process in which the web host allows you the server for your website is called web hosting.

How do web hosting works?

I think the term web hosting is now clear to you. Now there are some features which you should expect from your host.

  • Email accounts
  • FTP access
  • Word press support

You can create your domain email account for the publicity of your websites or other business affairs. These email accounts are customized and not like the usual email accounts. The host demands only your domain name and your email account.

FTP access is also a significant feature for web hosting. This tool assists you to upload the files from your computer on your server to put them on air.

Several hosts pitch in a word press support with their services. Word press is a well-known web hosting tool to manage blog posts and websites. If it is included in your web hosting package, then it will be a great plus.

What are the benefits of web hosting?

The selection of a quality host provides your website a lot more. It facilitates you to manage your website, avoid it from crashing during traffic and rank it on the internet high.

Improve the performance of your website:

Your success in the virtual market ultimately depends upon the performance of your site. If you want to do a business online, you have few seconds at best to grab the audience’s attention. But if your website takes forever to load, you can lose the opportunity to make a viewer your forever customer.

Web hosting benefits you to optimize your performance if you are committed to the best host of the time.

Rank website high:

Web Hosting also works on the search engine optimization of your website to get hoisted traffic as much as possible. Search engines consider the audience retention rate on your site and your site performance.

The audience retention rate can be enhanced by serving the customers on the quick demand. Delay in loading of your website also affects your ranking.

Website security:

Even if you think that your website is secured completely, you are at fault. Your website can never be secured 100%, but your web host ensures the 99.99% security of your website from hackers.

The web host also has a backup so that you can restore your data if you ever get hacked rather than starting from scratch.

How much does web hosting cost?

Web hosting is available in versatile packages. The more you go for the premium services, the more you have to pay. Web hosting is available in three significant hosting plans.

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

Shared hosting provides you a fraction of the server, which is being used by 20 other people; The VPS hosting server is being used by four to five other people, And the dedicated hosting’s server is only for you and costs much high than others. The prices of the hosting plan are as follow.


Hosting planPrices per month
Shared hosting$2.5 to $5.45
VPS hosting$17.99 to $84.99
Dedicated hosting$119 to $149


If you are a beginner, you should go with shared hosting. But if you have got the name in the market and you are getting the highest traffic from the market to your website then you should go for dedicated hosting for a better experience.

These hosting plans further vary in prices due to the additional services, which you can add to your selected hosting plan or you can customize your hosting plan by demanding the highest storage of your server or by adding the word press in your plan.

You can start your plan with now.



Can I host my website?

Yes, you can host your website, but it can expose your website to various other threats such as security threats. Your website can fall prey to data breaches.

After purchasing a server, you can host your website at home. But it is not advised by experts because of the higher chances of lack of updates. Rather than that, you can buy cheap website hosting to manage your budget.

Is web hosting free?

Yes, you can also find free web hosting. Several authentic sites are available on the internet that offers their valuable services for free. You can upgrade your package from a free to a paid version at the right time.

Sometimes the free web hosting facilitates the users with the same services, but the only difference is the ads, which you can avoid by upgrading.


Let’s close the long talk in few words. Web hosting provides you a space to place your website on air. It also supports you by managing your website automatically. Web hosting is vital for your website’s proper functioning.

If you do not go for high-quality servers, you can opt for cheap web hosting packages as a starter. You can also get information about web hosting from the link below.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

If there is a further query, comment down below.

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