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What is VPS web hosting

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

When you are thinking of starting a new website, the conceptual terms may be a hurdle in your journey of success. If you are confused with web hosting, let me tell you; it is a simple term. In this article, I will describe your VPS web hosting. You will get all the information; you will need as a newbie.

What is the VPS web hosting plan?

VPS web hosting plan stands for a virtual private server. You will get the entire concept of the VPS web hosting plan in its name. In a virtual private server web hosting plan, you get a server that seems the private one, but actually, you are sharing your server with few others.

For instance, an expansive room is there, which is converted into an office later. Owners divide the room into small cabins by a wooden partition. Each cabin will appear as a private room for the user, but all the users will be sharing the same expansive room. Similar is the case with the virtual private server web hosting in which you will get a portion of the server rather than a complete one. You can install your software for security purposes or website performance. That is why it appears as a private server.

How does the VPS web hosting work? 

VPS web hosting works with the assistance of hypervisor software. This hypervisor software divides the server into compartments, and this process is called compartmentalization. The users are allotted with the emulated servers. These emulated servers appear as the private ones because the web hosts install the software in the emulated servers separately.

The VPS servers are more productive than shared hosting because fewer end-users are using the platform; hence the performance of the platform is maintained.

VPS vs. shared hosting:

In VPS hosting, users share their server among themselves; but it is different from shared web hosting. In shared web hosting, 100 users are sharing the server and also the software. In shard hosting, you do not have control over the bandwidth and your data.

The VPS web hosting is more customized and provides you the compartmentalization. It will assist you in having control of your website and emulated server. You can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Also, in VPS web hosting, the server is shared among fewer users, unlike the shared web hosting.

VPS web hosting vs. dedicated web hosting:

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS
VPS web hosting is different from dedicated web hosting. In dedicated web hosting, the web host provides you a complete server with premium services. You do not have to share your server with anyone else. You have complete freedom and control on your server.

As I have said before, VPS hosting is the one in which the server is being shared among the users, but it appears as a private server because of the hypervisor. Dedicated hosting is more reliable and expensive than VPS hosting.

The benefits of VPS shared hosting:

VPS shared hosting offers you better services than shared web hosting and affordable rates than dedicated web hosting. IT is intermediate among the shared hosting and dedicated hosting concerning prices and the services.

Cost-effective: VPS web hosting is considered cheap web hosting concerning the budget. As it appears the private server, but in actuality, it is the shared one, so the expense is distributed among the users.

More flexible than shared web hosting: VPS web hosting is more flexible than shared web hosting because you have more access to your website. And you can customize your services.

More secured than shared web hosting: The one threat that always remains while working with shared web hosting is data breaches. But in the VPS web hosting case, compartmentalization provides a plus towards your data security. Also, you can download the software for the extra security of your website.

Independent FTP and POPs email: in shared web hosting, the use of FTP and POP emails by other persons can affect your working but, this is not the case in VPS web hosting.
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Who needs the virtual private server?

A virtual private server is for those whose website is new to intermediate regarding performance. If you are getting traffic often and feeling that your website is not operating accurately during high traffic, you should upgrade your shared hosting plan to the VPS hosting plan.

Also, if you want extra security for your website, the VPS hosting plan is worth noting under affordable prices. It provides your website with better certainty than shared web hosting, and if you are looking for better bandwidth, disk space, and uptime, this plan is the best option for you.


How much does the VPS web hosting cost per month?

VPS web hosting is accessible, and every respectable earning website owner can afford the VPS web hosting. VPS web hosting ranges from approximately $10 to $18 per month. It again depends upon the package you choose for your website. The more you go for the services, the higher it costs.

Is there a free VPS?

No, finding a VPS quality service without paying anything is just like the beating behind the bushes. You will never get the VPS web hosting plan that will charge nothing for their services because the web hosts have to pay the expense of the server from their earning.


If you want better services at cheap rates, then VPS is the worth option. VPS provides you the freedom to install applications for the proper management and security of your website. VPS appears to be the private server, but you are sharing your server with few others. You will get better uptime and speed than shared hosting in this plan.

You have to register with the best web hosts to enjoy quality services. The cheap web hosts are a waste of time as well as investment. You can register with Bluehost to get premium services at affordable rates.