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What is Shared Hosting?

You know you can earn thousands of dollars with one successful website, but the thing that confused you is the initiative. You do not have any concept; how to start owning a website that makes a respectful amount.

You are confused between the terms shared hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated hosting. In this article, I will explain shared hosting in as much straightforward way as I can. Shared hosting is not a laborious term to understand. It is identical to its name.

Shared web hosting:

In shared web hosting, a web host provides you a small fraction of the server to place your data or download the software. The server is the virtual free space; on which you can house your website for internet users.

Without a server, your website will never be available to the world. So the server is significant. You will get the entire server in the dedicated hosting. But in shared hosting, you have to share your server with several others.

That is the best match for the fresher because this is cost-effective and accessible for everyone. At the start of your journey, your website will not make enough money for the dedicated server. But in shared hosting, the expense is divided among all the users.

How does the shared hosting work?

Shared hosting works were similar to public transport. As public transport serves as an accessible and cheap medium for traveling, the same is the case with shared hosting. If you travel on public transport, you will enjoy some extraordinary services at the least cost, but also, public transport has several drawbacks.

As the bus has to stop at various bus stops and increase your time of reaching the destination. Shared hosting also lacks at various points, such as

  • Your data is at the risk of breach and is not secure.
  • The high traffic on someone’s other website may affect your website performance.
  • You can put only a single website on shared web hosting.
  • You cannot enjoy different software features as you cannot download them due to limited space.
  • As several other holders are sharing the server, Website crashing has the highest chances.

But several other options which you can enjoy with the shared hosting are databases, monthly traffic, FTPs, domain name emails, daily maintenance, and several more. That is how shared web hosting works. Well, this is the traditional type of web hosting which the world is using for so long.

What are the benefits of shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting servers you the various benefits if you are new to this virtual market. It offers you quality services in a budget-friendly package and provides premium features to manage your website.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS


The most significant feature of shared web hosting is, it is cheap as several users share the same server, and the overall expense is divided among all the users. The web host offers their basic plans at only $2.5 per month, whereas their premium plans cost $5.5 per month.

The premium plans include unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth, and several other premium features.

Easy to manage:

The shared web hosting plan is straightforward and convenient. You can smoothly learn its bot and perform the functions associated with monitoring your websites because the web host manages your website for you.

Multiple domain hosting:

With the assistance of premium packages of shared hosting, you can manage or install multiple domains on the portion of your server. For instance, if you want to control your blog website and your business website, you can put both your websites on the shared server.

Automatic management:

As shared web hosting is for the novice, the experts manage your websites for you until you learn the process of website management. You do not have to worry about maintaining your website, software updates, DDoS attacks, and several others.

The experts perform all these functions. You have to worry about the tips to grow your website.

It can host dynamic website:

Dynamic websites are those that appear different for different people. For instance, Facebook is a dynamic website; and its appearance depends on browsing it.

The shared web hosting can manage the dynamic websites that operate on the history of the users.

Things to consider while choosing a shared web host:

There are several things that you should consider while choosing the web host.


Uptime is the total time your website is available online on the internet. The renowned web hosts provide 99% of the uptime to make a respectable amount of funds. Web host requires this much time for the daily maintenance of your server.


It would be best if you did not compromise on the speed of your server because the smooth flow of the server assists in engaging the audience on your website. If the speed of your server is slow, then your site has a higher chance of a crash.

Disk space:

While choosing a hosting plan, you have to consider the disk space to place as much data as you want. If the disk space is not enough, you will need to change the server in the future—the ideal shared disk space of 500GB or 1TB.


The cost-efficient web hosting in which multiple users are sharing the server is called shared hosting. Shared hosting is an effective plan for starters. You have to consider the bandwidth, disk space, and uptime while choosing the shared hosting.

Shared hosting also lacks numerous features, such as it can cause your website to crash, or it can slow down the entire process. You can get registered with the noted web host Bluehost and avail yourself of their great package at a phenomenal price. Also, comment below if you have a further query regarding the shared hosting.