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What Is SEO and How How Has It Changed Over the Years?

If you are thinking of making a YouTube channel or website, or blog post, you encounter the word SEO, but you do not know what it is. SEO is significant if you want your website on Google or YouTube rank because effective SEO will cause the browsers to choose your website. In this article, we will talk about Google SEO and how it changed over time.

What is SEO?

The full form of SEO is search engine optimization. It means something in your blog post will trigger Google to grab your article. You can consider it in simple words that it is the decoration of your website. For instance, when you go shopping, you choose one stall or shop over the hundreds; why? Because that one shop has something that convinced you to go there.

It can be the extraordinary decoration of that shop, or the quality of their products, or any of their marketing strategy. That is the same case for Google. You have to convince Google to choose your article or blog post from the hundreds of others.
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What is the significance of SEO?

Let me tell you that 84% of users are there on the internet worldwide, and 94% of them only choose the website that appears on the first page of Google, and most of them go for the first three options. What causes the top most website to rank the highest? The answer to this is SEO.

If your website is on the 20th page of Google, then how can you think that someone will choose your article because no one has time to jump on the 20th page? You can also bring your content on the first page by considering the top-notch SEO techniques. If you are not an SEO expert, you should contact the one with extraordinary skills because SEO plays a significant role in your website business.

How can we do the SEO of a blog post like a pro?

Here I will share a few techniques that will surely assist you in ranking your content on the first page of Google.

Eye-catching headline with a keyword:

Your title should be eye-catchy and should be 70 to 80 characters so that Google shows the complete title in the search bar. Here are some tips that can make your title or headline catchy

  • It would help if you used the words like secrets, tips, or hacks in the articles. These words grab the audience’s attention and cause them to choose your article.
  • If you describe few facts about something, you should go for the “7”. Because it is observed that the viewers choose those articles that have a list of 7 facts, such as “7 secrets about web hosting”.
  • The next thing which can cause you to craft a catchy article is to talk about the recent events.
  • Also, the most significant is your article title must have the keyword in it. I will explain the keyword later.

Proper use of keywords:

Keywords are those phrases or words which signal Google that what Google is looking for is present in this article. Keywords are considered those phrases which the audience most asked on the Google search bar. You can find the keywords by using the Google keyword planner.

You will also get the key phrases by searching about that product on Google. When you search, you will find a table which says the questions that the people most ask.

Hyperlink your article with the renowned one:

This is the most effective technique in the SEO of the article in which you hyperlink your article to a famous website and get the highest traffic from Google.

Google will sense that your article is linked with that one and show your article below.

How the Google SEO works in the past?

The SEO of Google is worst, and the articles were stuffed with the keywords only because Google chose those articles with the most keywords. So the writers did not care about the quality of writing but placed the work on Google that only had keywords.

Then Google launched AdWords, in which the website owners pay Google to rank their websites. That killed the SEO techniques because only those websites ranked on the first page that paid to the browser. Then Google sense that the audience went for the quality, not for the top-most searches; after that Google, started considering the article’s quality.

Today the SEO is advanced. Google picks the direct and most relevant information about the audience demand and displays that information on the uppermost pages.


Every search engine wants significant signals to choose a certain product to display in front of its viewers. The second largest search engine is YouTube. It also requires the proper SEO of the videos that convince YouTube to show that video on the highest. If you craft all the SEO techniques of catchy headlines, proper keyword usage, and link building, then you can hope your content can rank in the first place. But the most significant factor is the quality of your content.

All these techniques will bring Google towards your article, but your work’s quality will ultimately convince it. So after the completion of SEO techniques, you should consider that you are providing the information in your article that is correct or according to the audience’s demand.

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