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What is dedicated web hosting?

If you are worried about your website crashing and want the smooth flow of viewers on your website, then you should upgrade your plan to dedicated hosting because the dedicated hosting is only for big brands, who are successfully gaining high traffic and want notable maintenance of their website. If you want extra privacy for your website and want better performance, then the dedicated server is the accurate one for you.

What is dedicated web hosting?

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Dedicated web hosting provides you the entire server to keep your website for the browser. You will not share your server with anyone else. It is only you; who will enjoy the unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and 100% uptime of the server.

The entire server support will provide you the phenomenal experience of web hosting because no one can affect your website. As in shared web hosting, the traffic surge on one’s website influence the neighbor’s website by causing the website to crash. But in dedicated web hosting, you do not have to care about the website crash until you reach the unexceptional level of daily traffic.

After that, you can upgrade your plan to cloud web hosting, where several servers organize your single website.

How is dedicated web hosting benefit you?

Here are few benefits of dedicated web hosting, which will show you that this is the worth option if your website is the highest-ranked.

The server is not shared:

The topmost benefit of dedicated web hosting is other users will not share your server. You are the one who will enjoy the features of the entire server as no one will interrupt your website.

Elevated security and performance:

The performance of your website will enhance when you shift from shared hosting to dedicated hosting because, in shared hosting, you have to share your server with others.

You will get 100% uptime for your website, the highest scalability, and bandwidth. The web host will also provide you the regular maintenance of your website, and he can focus on your website with ease as there will be only you.

Your website is isolated from the entire world on a dedicated server, and no one interacts with it. In return, it induces high security to your website. That is a significant feature for those who make transactions in FTP And SSL files.


If you are a dedicated hosting plan, you can customize your server according to your need because you have control over your CPU, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth. You can install the applications which you think can optimize your website.

However, in shared hosting, you have to work with the applications and software installed on the server. You have no right to install your required applications, even for security purposes.

Unique IP address:

With dedicated hosting, you can own a unique IP address, and your site will never be at risk of data breaches. In shared hosting, you even have to share the IP address. That is why if your neighbor is some spam or adult website, it will affect your performance and push your website down.

Regular maintenance of the server’s tools:

The dedicated web hosting provider will manage and upgrade the tools according to need if you are a huge business owner and have no time to manage your website. You do not have to worry about the tools management. It would be best if you only focused on productive ways to expand your business.

The web host will maintain your website, upgrade the tools and applications for you and monitor the unexceptional trends in your website.

To whom does the dedicated web hosting benefit?

Dedicated web hosting benefits the experts.

Unlike shared hosting, which is for the starters to intermediate, dedicated web hosting is for the experts whose websites are gaining the highest traffic from Google.

Also, the users who want premium security of their data should upgrade their plan to dedicated hosting because, in shared hosting, the data is at the highest risk of breach. Those who want to place the digital government credentials or private data have to own the dedicated web hosting.


What is the difference between shared hosting and dedicated server?

You can differentiate these two plans simply by their names. Let’s start with shared web hosting. In shared web hosting, you will get a portion of the server to house a website, whereas, in dedicated web hosting, the web host provides you the entire server on which you can place your website with ease.

Shared hosting is risky because it can affect the uptime of your website, security, disk space, and bandwidth, whereas, in dedicated hosting, you have complete control over all that significant features.

What is the price of a dedicated web hosting server?

The dedicated web hosting plan is expensive because you are the only one who will bear the expense of the entire server. You have to pay for the premium soft wares, applications, and server maintenance. Unlike in shared hosting, no one will share the expense of your server. The average pricing of the dedicated hosting is $119 to $134. The more you go for the premium services, the higher you have to pay.

But this is again a few dollars if we consider the websites; that are earning thousands daily on the internet. These sites can easily pay this monthly bill.

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Let me summarize my words that dedicate web hosting is for the experts, in which they can consume the resources of the entire server without worrying about the data breaches or downtime of the website.

As expert advice, if your blog is making a respectable amount and expecting that it will rise in the future, you should go for the renowned web host in the market that provides you premium services at affordable rates.

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