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What are the types of web hosting?

Web hosting is a significant feature, which offers you the storage for website data and makes your website accessible for internet users. Web hosting determines whether your website gets traffic or not in the future so, you have to choose the web host wisely.

There are several types of web hosting ranging from the newbie package to the expert. All the kids are listed below.

Shared web hosting:

In shared hosting, thousands of users on the same server place their data on the server’s portion allotted by the web host. Shared hosting is the best package for newbies as this type reduces the cost because the expenses are being distributed to all the users.

If your website is not getting higher traffic from the internet, you should go for shared hosting. Shared hosting also has drawbacks, such as your data is not secured in this hosting. The one website that is getting higher traffic may disturb the other websites’ performance.

The shared hosting is budget-friendly and ranges from $2.5 to $5.5 per month. Everyone can easily be a part of shared hosting to run their blog. Several websites also offer free packages for shared hosting, but they decrease the quality.

VPS hosting:

VPS hosting is similar to shared hosting but differs in one character; the VPS hosting is shared by few users, unlike the shared hosting shared by several. VPS hosting is the intermediate between the dedicated server and the shared server.

You will get the server portion as VPS users, but other users cannot affect your work because only a few users are sharing this server. It does not let your site crash when others are getting high traffic so, you can choose this plan if your blog is neither getting higher traffic nor the minimum traffic.

This hosting is affordable as it ranges from $17.99 to $84.99 per month; the price increases as you elevate the service scale.

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Dedicated hosting:

Dedicated hosting is the other end of the spectrum. A dedicated server has only one user. The entire server is under your control, and you can download whatever you want on the server.

It is secured from data breaches. Also, your website can not crash no matter how much traffic you are getting from Google. If your website has grown enough, you have to go for the dedicated server.

This server is expansive as no partners are there to share the expense. The monthly price of this web hosting is $119 to$149. Once your website starts earning thousands of dollars, it is accessible for you to pay for this hosting.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

Colocation hosting:

In colocation hosting, you will rent a space for your server, not for your website from the web hosts; You need to rent a space for your server when your server storage has full, but you need to download further software. In that regard, a collocation service will assist you.

A web host only allows you some space to expand your server in this hosting but does not manage your data for you. You have to maintain your website by yourself.

Cloud hosting:

Cloud hosting is the modern type of web hosting in which various multiple servers join with each other and make a chain. The chain of multiple servers is known as a cloud. When you purchase cloud hosting, you will get a virtual space that is controlled by multiple servers at the back virtually.

That provides the best speed and maintenance to your website as your website is operating on several servers. But note that point; you are not the only user of cloud hosting. Several others are also using it.

It has flexible prices that depend upon the consumed space. You will only pay for the space you used for your website.

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Cluster hosting:

Cluster is also the chain of servers that manages the same content. Cluster hosting differs from cloud hosting. Cluster hosting is not prevalent and spreads locally, while cloud hosting is widespread and worldwide.

Cluster hosting is effective to avoid website crashing and maintain the sustainability of the website. It is a cost-efficient way to achieve quality services. But again, your data is not secured and always at the risk of breach.

Grid hosting:

Grid hosting is the other type of cloud hosting that spreads worldwide. It is the chain of servers that control the website content for you. This modern version of hosting is useful for you to maintain high traffic on a cost-efficient budget.

Multiple users share the multiple servers. But the chances of site crashes are still low, and your customers can enjoy the high speed. The speed of your website determines the response of your customers. If your website is not lagging, it will surely get the highest audience; because the users want smooth things.

Home server:

In simple words, the home server is the DIY server that you customize at your private residence. You can use this server: to control the smart home appliances, websites and transfer files to the printers.

The experts, who want to manage their website independently, make the home server on their computers. That is a small network of few computers and does not have efficiency as only a few computers maintain the website.


In this article, you have got a glance at all types of web hosting and their importance. According to your position, you can easily choose the web hosting type as the right choice of web host plays a vital role in your success.

Closing the article in final words, you should go for shared web hosting or VPS hosting to reduce the hosting expense if you are a newbie. But with the latest world, cloud and grid hosting can also be a better choice for you as a fresher.

The dedicated hosting is for the experts who are gaining the highest traffic from the internet. is the best choice for you as this is prevalent with a high reputation. If you have further, queries then comment below. We offer 24/7 customer services.