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Top 5 blogging mistakes that can ruin your website in (2021)

No one is the expert in the beginning, and everyone learns by making mistakes. If you are a newbie and want your blog to stand from the millions of blog posts, then this article will prove helpful for you. I also learned the blogging secrets by attempting the vulnerable mistakes. I wish I could go back and avoid all the mistakes.

But I want that even if you are a starter, you learn from the experience of the experts and avoid those common blunders that every newbie makes. When I started, I did not know about niche specification, content strategy, or website monetization.

I only focused on producing better content, but later I learned that better quality is not enough to achieve reputable traffic on your blog post. Several other factors, along with the content quality, have the combined effect.

Here I go with the five common blogging mistakes which every blogger makes as a newbie:

Niche selection:

Niche selection should be the first step before starting the website. You should be clear about the titles on which you are going to write or build a website.

But here, what the newbies make a mistake is that they select the niche and select the vast one. They think why they limit their audience, but they are on the wrong track.

It would be best if you went for the micro-niche to specify your audience, and also Google will start considering you as an authority which is extremely important to rank on Google.

For instance, if someone selects the niche “tech,” he selects the mega niche because the tech includes several more micro niches. There are billions of articles on Google about tech. How is it possible for you to stand out from the billion ones?

So always choose the micro-niche so that your audience, as well as your browser, considers your authority.

Not working on the blog post:

Some bloggers believe, once they write an effective blog post that is SEO optimized and has everything perfect, then this blog post will start generating the funds itself, but let me tell you, this is not how blogging works.

You have to collect the emails from your website and then contact or send a notification to your subscribers on their emails. 73% of marketers believe that emails are a significant factor in the success of their blogs.

Emails have the potential to generate traffic to your blogs because, in this busy world, no one has time to remember the publish time of your new blogs. You have to make sure that you are viewing by the readers on alternating days.

Emails are the best option in this regard. They can leave an impression about you in readers’ minds if you keep sending them. Sometimes the headlines with massive potential of traffic fail to generate notable traffic. This is because those headlines may not come in front of the audience’s eyes.

So emails are also the best way for content marketing. You can use tools to reach your blog post to a higher audience. These tools facilitate you to build huge traffic.

Skipping audience research:

This is an extremely significant step that most bloggers forget to search about. You should know about your audience because you have to target your audience. If you do not have an idea for whom you will write, how can you convince the readers to turn into leads, or how can you engage them into your content?

Many of the website owners forget to search about their audience or do a little search. If you don’t perform it, then go and do it now because it will lead you towards success. In the end, these are your customers who cause you to achieve success.

Not writing consistently:

Most of the bloggers give up after posting 10 to 20 blogs when they see nothing notable. This is the cause. According to a survey, you will see a significant lift in your graph after 55 to 70 blog posts.

If you are going to start a website, you should blog daily to convince Google to think of you as an authority. I will suggest you keep a backup of 30 articles when you start a website. And post one article daily and also write one daily. You will see a notable increase in your traffic.

The buffers who stop blogging just for a short period noted a 4% decrease in their customers because they were not putting value in it.

So be patient, blog daily, you will be the next whose website will make massive funds.

You can use different online tools to generate more traffic towards your blog, and Hubspot is the best one to search for the content.

Thinking every blog will get viral:

Again this is the cause of the failure of the users. They think that every blog post will get viral and start paying them massive funds, but this is not a matter.

Only 1% of the blog posts get viral or gets 1000 shares. You should focus on attracting traffic and try to improve those that are not making respectable funds.

You can use Google trends to search viral topics. If you know about the viral trends, you have the highest chance that most of your blog posts will get viral.


To summarize the whole topic, you should be patient if you are going to make a website for blogging. Blogging takes time to convince Google that you are an authority. You should avoid choosing a mega niche and work consistently on your blogs and their marketing. You can achieve this by collecting emails.

It would be best if you blogged regularly to generate more traffic towards your website. For this, you should have a backup of 30 articles before starting a website. You should not ignore your audience and search for the targeting audience.

Don’t think that every blog post will get viral because only a few blog posts of renowned websites go viral.

You should avoid all those mistakes if you want a successful website. You can also check the blog post on If you have any query then comment below, we are here to assist you 24/7.