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ICDSOFT Web Hosting Review

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$8.0 / mo.

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  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Free domain name
  • Extremely Fast Servers
  • Perfect for WordPress


Does ICDSoft Web Hosting has everything soft? Well, most things are soft in ICDSoft depending on your definition of the word. Good services, features, pros, fair prices, a variety of plans to choose from, and 24/7support are what makes this Web Host soft.

Let us dig deeper.

ICDSoft Web Hosting history and services

ICDSoft first offered Web Hosting services in 2001. Back then, their services were not great, thus low clients. One year later improvements like fast ticketing support from weeks to days were noticed. More clients preferred it as their Hosting provider and the turn up was over 25, 000 clients. The support improvements spread throughout the globe, so did the clientele. Today, ICDSoft has servers all over the world and thousands of hundreds of customers too. More keep coming.

The services that have led to its growth are as follows.

  1. Advanced security such as anti-virus scans
  2. Reseller services
  3. Social Sync
  4. Magneto Hosting
  5. Giving free domain names
  6. Security & uptime
  7. Free site builder
  8. VPS Hosting
  9. Professional emailing service
  10. Logo maker
  11. Backup system

ICDSoft Web Hosting Features

  • Web agencies solutions
  • Magneto hosting
  • VPS Hosting management
  • White-labelling
  • Affiliate programs
  • SSL certificates
  • Technical support all over online agents, messaging, etc.
  • Website building
  • SSH access is offered as an add-on by other Hosts but not in ICDSoft.
  • Multilingual interface
  • Reseller program
  • Drupal hosting
  • Symfony
  • DCN mangers
  • OPcache and PHP-FPM
  • WordPress toolkit the installer, optimization, and management.
  • Domain names
  • IonCube
  • Customized Cpanel
  • Nextcloud Hub Hosting
  • Backup system
  • Webmail
  • Auto discover
  • Live sites
  • SPF and DKIM protection
  • Antivirus and spam detectors
Specification Value
379 MS
24/7 Live Chat
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Storage Space
No free website migration
30-day money back guarantee

Advantages of ICDSOFT:

  • Great support team– An email can take an hour or less to get a response other technical issues may take longer, but never more than hours to get sorted out.
  • 9 out of 10 ratings, or 5 out of 5
  • Reseller program– I have been doing this Web Hosting business using their reseller program, and the ride is a phenomenon. The packages come with SSL certs, shared and VPS Hosting, free domain names, and add-ons. And, you have total freedom on charging fees.
  • Strict policies against spam. In ICDSoft Web Hosting even their emailing is protected from spam.
  • Free backups daily– Most Hosts do weekly backups or monthly, and extra charges are incurred if want your site backup daily. Free daily to secure your data? Yes, Security comes first in ICDSoft.
  • Renewal discounts, unlike other Hosts that offer no discounts whatsoever.
  • Free domain name.
  • Website migration- Free migration is given to anyone who wants to migrate their site to ICDSoft. I used this service some years back, and will not forget. I bet their tech team has in-born customer care skills because the support all through the process was remarkable.
  • SSD storage is available.
  • Monitoring of all customers using their Web Hosting services directly, and the ones in the reseller program. Thus, if anything goes wrong the technical team is always ready.
  • ICDSoft team works to better their services, thus NO SPAMMING OR SCAMMING goes on. Strictly LEGIT.
  • Professionalism from their support team.
  • Prompt feedback– You cannot last 5 minutes without getting feedback from their support.
  • Free website builder– Their site builder works great. I used it a while back when I was expanding my writing Website.
  • Follows all Website protocols to ensure their servers are not blacklisted for conducting illegal activities.
  • Very low starter plans to enable many people to use their services.
  • Has hundreds of servers all over the world which resonates with thousands of users.
  • 100-day money-back policy– Most Web Hosts offer a 30 day or 45-day money-back policy, but ICDSoft offers 100 days i.e. more than three months.
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ICDSoft Web Hosting Cons

SSL and domain fees are not refunded in case of rejection or contract termination.

  • No free CDN which is the case in some Hosts.
  • Renewal plan fees are 10 times the starter fee– Hope they could standardize their rates.
  • The minimum contract is 1 year in Shared Hosting which is inconvenient to those looking to purchase a monthly contract.
  • A free domain name is only in VPS Hosting.

Pros & Cons of Using ICDSOFT Hosting


  • High-speed performance
  • Free daily & weekly data backups
  • 1-click WordPress auto-installer
  • Ultra-fast server response times
  • Excellent customer service
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Free Let's Encryp SSL has to be manually setup on addon domains
  • No phone support

ICDSOFT Prices, Hosting Plans:

The Web Host has packages in plans. Their plans include;

  1. VPS Hosting
  2. Shared Hosting
  3. Site building plan
  4. SSL plan

Each of these packages has plans under them with different prices as indicated in the tables below.

Site building plans

Plan names/details



Business plus


10 GB

100 GB

150 GB


$ 8


$ 50


As the space increases, so does the price.

Shared Hosting plans

Plan names/details



Business (Hong Kong)

Business plus

Business plus (Hong Kong)


10 GB

100 GB


150 GB

150 GB


500 GB

5 TB

1 TB

10 TB

2 TB








$ 8

$ 10

$ 20

$ 50

$ 100

VPS Hosting plans

Plan names/details

Smart VPS

Smart VPS pro

Start up

First class



15 GB

40 GB

50 GB

200 GB

1 TB


4 GB

6 GB

4 GB

8 GB

32 GB


2 x 2.62GHz

2 x 2.6GH z

2  x 2.3GHz

2 x 2.3GHz

2 x 2.3 GHz


$ 19

$ 49

$ 49

$ 99

$ 299


SSL plans

Plan names/details

Geotrust Rapid SSL

Sectigo Essential

Geotrust quick SSL Essential

Sentigo Essential Wildcard

Warranty encryption of 256 bit

$ 10,000

$ 10, 000

$ 10, 000

$ 10, 000


$ 30

$ 35

$ 150

$ 150


All SSL plans come with the following;

  • Validation types
  • Subdomain secured single (except the Sentigo Essential Wildcard whose subdomain secured is Unlimited)
  • Validity options of 1 year.
  • Site seal dynamic (except that of Geotrust Rapid SSL whose is static)
  • Security lock for the browser
  • Browser compatibility of 99%
  • Free SSL revocation and replacement
  • Free refund within 5 days in Geotrust Rapid SSL & Geotrust Quick SSL Premium
  • Free refund within 25 days in Sectigo Essential and Sectigo Essential Wildcard

ICDSoft Web Hosting Add-ons

Their add-ons include;

  1. Network traffic
  2. Dedicated IP

ICDSoft Web Hosting Support

FAQs-Kindly visit their frequently asked questions webpage because the question you have may have been asked by another client and answered.

Live chats– Most of their pages have live chats on your bottom right hand.

HostAdvice support– ICDSoft has experts online to help their clients to satisfaction especially, their reseller Hosts.

Tutorial videos

Emails– Emailing in ICDSoft does not come as an add-on like in some Hosts. It comes as a feature under emailing service whose response time is within 1 hour (tested and proven).

List of compatible software– Some may ignore this list but it has helped me a lot. Imagine enabling a feature that is not compatible with your software or your plan package. Your site starts to execute loading slowly or taking more seconds.

ICDSoft Web Hosting Speed Test

The speed test for this Web Host was done by using 565 KB of page sizes in 28 requests and the load time was as follows.

  • 565 KB page size
  • 28 Requests
  • 2 seconds of load time.

The performance details were as follows;

  • 75% speed score per page
  • 62% of Yslow score

ICDSoft has several recommendations for its clients to help improve the speed rate while loading their pages. Among them are;

PHP 7– If you are using any other version of PHP such as the PHP 6, PHP 5.6, etc. consider upgrading it to PHP 7. The PHP 7 comes with the ICDSoft sites by default, but if for some reason you changed your PHP version to others and not the PHP 7 switch now

Enable cache plugins– Install any cache plugin like the Yasakani cache, swift lite, or the WP super.

Use SSL-The HTTP2 SSL comes with more performance improvements than the HTTP, so upgrade to the 2 versions.

Enable compression– Compression offers minimal performance changes, but it is worth the effort.

Disable trackbacks and pingbacks-Sometimes back trackbacks & pingbacks were a good boost to performance, but due to spam infestation, it’s better to disable them.

I tried these performance keep-ups for my site and the performance rate went up. Other ICDSoft clients experienced the same. New performance scores after implementing the above points are;

  • 97% in speed score/page
  • 85% of Yslow score
  • 565 KB page size
  • 28 requests
  • 3 seconds in load time

Spot the difference of over 20% increase in both performance scores and more than 50% improvement in load time? Amazing!


The 100-day money-back policy was my taker when I first joined the ICDSoft reseller program and is my best advertising tool to date. All through, the support team is specular, and the managers make sure that customers are fully satisfied. Hosting services such as Magneto and Drupal are not available in other Web Hosts. Guides on how to improve your Websites’ performance help that you do not find anywhere else.

However, free domain name only in VPS, no free CDN, and 10 x the starter fees in renewals are among a few setbacks in ICDSoft.But, the good outweighs the bad. Overall, you will love the Hosts’ services, and most likely recommend your friends and family just like I have.

ICDSOFT offers many features and powerful site administration based on cPanel at a very fair price. It is worth seeing for intermediate users who need a little more than the basic concepts of hosting.

Disclosure of earnings: we use affiliate links in some of the hosting services that appear on this page. This helps our site cover the costs of the site, Thanks for your support. Read more