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How to Choose a Web Host – Web Hosting Guide

If you are new to this market but want your website to make a respectable amount as soon as possible, you have to make the right choice regarding the web host. Web host plays a significant role in your website’s success.

If you are thinking to take your blog to life, you may be facing the circumstances regarding choosing the perfect web host. In this article, I will provide you a complete guide in choosing the web host in simple words and also share some of the secrets of this volatile market which I learn with time.

Web server uptime:

The total time your website remains online on the internet for the world is known as uptime. The web hosts take your website offline for some time for the completion of managing tasks. They may upgrade the software or perform functions for your better experience.

Uptime is necessary for your success. Its importance is visible in the example where amazon faced the loss of $100 million when its website went offline for just 13 minutes. So you must consider the uptime while choosing the host for your website.

If your website does not remain online on the internet, then how will you earn funds? 99% uptime is considered the good one, but the reputed web host also claims 99.99% of uptime. Web Hosting Guide Cloud hosting also increases the uptime of your website as if one server goes down, the other server balances it and makes your website visible to the viewers. So the better the uptime of your website, the highest will be the chances of earnings.

Rates and included functions:

Rates are something that you should consider while choosing the web host. If you are someone, who is a newbie in this field, you should go for the starter package. Keep that in mind; do not opt for the cheap web hosts because they ruin your website’s reputation and cause your website down.

The starter package ranging from $2.5 to $5.5, but if you have a pretty good investment, you can choose the expensive one that is more secured and reliable. The features which you should wish in your web hosting plan are as follow:

  • Minimum 99% of uptime
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Number of emails and FTP accounts
  • Setting languages and databases
  • Website devices buying cart
  • Number of domain names and websites

You should consider the number of websites, which you can house on your server because if you want to put more than one website in the future, you have to change the server or buy a new one. Also, the unused space of your already bought server will be a waste.

You should go for the moderate packages (concerning the cost) that provide you these quality services whether you are a shared web hosting user or a dedicated web hosting user. Also, you should choose the companies that offer a variety of hosting plans because in the future, when your blog will start getting traffic, you have to update your package.

Information storage space:

You should check the storage space of two types. One is bandwidth, and the other one is disk space. The bandwidth is the space for the number of files you can transfer to your users monthly, and the disk space is the total space of your server on which you can house your data.

Disk space:

Some highly reputed web hosting companies provide you the unlimited disk space for your website so that you can store as much data as you want. You can upload the audios, videos, or any other document for your users. You can also install the software for your server’s better performance. If your web host provides you the 500GB or 1TB space, this is also a pretty good option.


The bandwidth space should minimum of 50GB per month. However, today the web hosts facilitate their customers with unlimited bandwidth space. That allows you to add data on your server as much as you can without waiting for the next month to come.

Information storage space is an integral part of your web hosting plan because you have to add unlimited data and download unlimited software to stand your website in the market.

Shared hosting Vs. dedicated hosting Vs. cloud hosting:

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

While choosing the web host, you will encounter several web hosting packages. These web hosting packages are categorized according to the expertise level of the customer.

Shared hosting:

A shared hosting plan is for the starters and economical. You can choose the cheap web hosting plan if you are comfortable in sharing your server with others. The pricing of the shared hosting plan is ranging from $2.5 to $5.

Dedicated hosting plan:

A dedicated hosting plan is categorized for the experts. It is expensive yet the most secured plan; because in dedicated hosting the entire server is allotted to the only user. The user’s data is secured, and his website performance is also phenomenal. The pricing of the dedicated hosting plan is $119 to $134.  

Cloud hosting plan:

If you want an inexpensive but cost-effective plan, then the cloud hosting plan is the best fit for you. Because in cloud hosting, multiple servers combine to form the cloud, and you get your part on the cloud. Then your website is hosted by several servers. It maintains the quality at cheap rates.


The choice is the web host is the first significant step of yours towards your success. But if you miss the first step, you will never approach the golden days. If you do not want to detract from the road to success, then choose the web host wisely. You should look for the uptime, disk space, bandwidth, and hosting plan while making the decision.

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