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FastComet Web Hosting Review

Prices starting from:

$3.45 / mo.

Reg. Price $9.95 – Get 65% Off!
  • Free website transfer
  • Very strong security
  • Fast servers
  • 24/7 support

About FastComet

FastComet web hosting. Now let us de-marry the words fast & comet. If you are a Geographer I am sure you know what a comet is, and how fast it drops from the sky. Expect no less from this web host. Only the best. Only that which you will not find in other web hosts.

Forgive me for going overboard, but the name of something tells a lot. Why not the same case in FastComet web host? Let’s get to it and see if the name says it all, or it is just a name with no meaning.

FastComet Web Hosting history and services

In 2013 FastComet web host joined other web hosters to offer similar services, but with them came quality for your money, and honesty on the services they offer. Unlike other web hosts that promise you the moon, but you do not even get the clouds.

FastComet offers web hosting services to small single websites and multi-national multi-sites. Some of its services include:

  1. Dedicated hosting– Are you looking for a web host whose main task is to host websites? Look no further as FastComet offers dedicated web hosting.
  2. WordPress hosting– If you build your site using WordPress, try FastComet as it has a WordPress web hosting option.
  3. VPS hosting (Cloud) – Four VPS hosting options each with different bandwidth, Disc space, RAM, and CPU cores. The cloud VPS also comes with SSDs for storage which is faster than the HDDs.
  4. Site builder– You can easily build your website using the site builder option in this host. It has choices of websites different in space, color, theme, etc. The choice is yours.
  5. SSL certificates-Whether you choose a one-month hosting plan, or an annual plan, they offer free SSL certs.
  6. Domain services– I know most sites have domain services, but not many offer 2nd level domain registrations.

Fastcomet General Info & Hosting Overview

 Features make up the FastComet?

  • Cloud flare CDN
  • Daily & weekly back-ups
  • Disc space
  • Encryptions
  • USSD only storage
  • Malware scans
  • Fixed-price plans
  • Numerous plans
  • Instant chat agents
  • Web firewall
  • A free domain name

These features are what has contributed FastComet to be rated as the best for all your hosting problems. It is the only USSD storage host because others still use HDDs that make them a little slow in comparison to the FastComet.

You do not have to worry about losing your data to the virus because it has frequent malware scans. Also, daily & weekly backups ensure that your info is well saved and backed up.

Encryptions are what make me fall for this host. Imagine you do not have to stress about cybercrime and theft. Anything you post on this host is well encrypted.

In case of questions, their pop-up online chat agents are eagerly waiting for you to shoot to the Comet.

For WordPress users you are sorted with a word press firewall, so you do not have to change your ecosystem just to fit in.

It has cloud flare CDN meaning, all your service users can connect to your site once you cache it to where they are located.

Specification Value
657 ms
24/7 Live Chat
Unlimited Bandwidth
15GB, 25GB and 35GB caps, according to the plan
Free Site Migration
45-day money back guarantee

Advantages of FastComet:

It is hard to get a number one rating without some outstanding advantages. I have used FastComet and I can assure you that the pros I am going to list below are out of the experience.

  1. Phone call support– when you call their numbers you will be redirected to select a number based on your needs like if you are a member press this no., if you are calling for questions press, for help with your site press this no., etc.
  2. Email support– Unlike other web hosts whose email is just for decoration, FastComets’ email address works.
  3. 24/7 customer support– It does not matter whether it’s day or night, weekday or weekends. Reach out to either of their support systems and you will get prompt feedback.
  4. Online chats– If the support team is online you will see the message box drop. Ask anything or confirm details using their online chats.
  5. USSD usage– It guarantees fast overall performance. No more waiting ages for your data to load, or exert changes.
  6. Affordable– $3.85/month is an affordable price. Cheap also. If you choose a different plan like a yearly plan, the price per month goes to $2.
  7. Guaranteed security– With their added encryptions and virus screening your files are more than safe.
  8. No extra fees– Some web hosts have some hidden fees not stated in their plans or adverts. But FastComet is different. Upon buying your plan that is it. NO RENEW CHARGES.
  9. Backups– If you delete your files by mistake, you can easily recover them thanks to their free daily backups.
  10. Easy signing up and use– The questions asked during signing in are straight forward like domain name, password, etc. A back card and PayPal mode of plan purchase are popular to most too. Also, upon buying a plan venturing into your site through FastComet is easy, and their support team is always available to offer a helping hand.
  11. 45-day money-back policy– Risk-free web hosting services. Purchase your plan and test it for 45 days. If within those 45 days you won’t like it, tell the support system and they will guide you on the procedure to get your money back. This policy is longer than that of many Web Hosts which is mostly 30 days.
  12. High ratings of up to 9.8 out of 10 by hundreds of customers. In short, almost all customers are happy with FastComet Web hosting services.

Pros & Cons of Using Fastcomet Hosting


  • Free domain registration for life.
  • Free SSL and Cloudflare CDN
  • Free website transfer
  • 45-day money back guarantee.


  • Limited disk space
  • Only the SpeedUp plan comes with the RocketBooster speed and security

FastComet Web Hosting Add-ons

The Web host has a few add-ons. They include:

  1. Domain privacy costs 9.95 USD per year. It protects your info from spam and junk bots. Also, shields it from been accessed publicly.
  2. Google sitemap: A sitemap of XML is submitted to search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google so that your traffic can locate your site and pursue it with ease. Its cost is 14.95 USD one-time payment.
  3. An SEO audit: It shows you what to do, add or reduce to make your website SEO friendly i.e. improve its ranking & visibility by the use of SEO signal(s). The cost is 9.95 USD, a one-time fee.

SES: Search Engine Submission i.e. paying a one-time fee of 5.95 USD fee to submit your website to search engines like google. It will increase your chances of gaining more traffic for your site.

These add-ons are important depending on what you want. For example, SEO and SES are crucial to raising your website traffic. Remember the more traffic, the more money.

I have used the SE submission and the Google site maps and experienced a slight up sale.

The good thing about these add-ons is that they are optional, and the Web Host will work just fine without them.

FastComet Web hosting support

Their support system is divided in:

  • Online chats
  • Phone calls
  • Emails

All of these are 24/7 based support. If you miss one the other is available.

For online chats, if they are online accept your feedback in a matter of seconds. If they are offline, you will still get your reply when they get back. They have numerous chat agents, thus you do not have to worry. Any questions, clarification, or help will be guaranteed in due time.

Their email is on point. I once emailed them, but I guess my question was not clear so the respondent asked for my number and made a follow-up till I was satisfied.

Phone calls are always picked, and you get to choose the kind of help you want, and you are connected to the best person to help you.

FastComet Prices, Hosting Plans:

FastComet Web Host has three boxes, namely:


Special price/month

Regular price/month


$ 3.48

$ 9.95

FastCloud plus

$ 5.28

$ 14.95

FastCloud extra

$ 6.48

$ 19.95


FastCloud allows only one site, but the other two FastCloud plus and extra allows you to open multiple websites in your domain.

FastCloud has a 15 GB SSD storage, FasCloud plus has 25 GB while the extra has 35GB of storage. If you want more space, or want to create more sites in the future the plus and extra will work best. However, the three packages share some features like free website and domain transfer, Cpanel, and the softaculous.

Other packages include the add-ons.


Would I recommend FastComet? Definitely. The Web Host has so many pros. Why not enjoy them? The best of all is the 45-day money-back guarantee.If you are not sure for some reason, purchase any of their plans and try it out. In 45 days you will have a decision. And by the way, this is not one of those advertising sweeteners. They do return your money.When I decided to try them out, I bought a one-month plan, and on my 25th day, I still had no dislikes. So, I requested for money back and it was returned. Reason? I decided to buy a yearly plan.

Try it out. No regrets

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